There is no kangaroo club this friday the 14th of October.

‚ÄčKangaroo Club

Contact Number:

01582 461438

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Kangaroo club is a Baby and Toddler Group. We have been established over 40 years!

We meet every Friday morning 10 till 11:15 term time,

We have a small fee of £1:50 per session per family, which includes refreshments for all.

We feel and have been told that Kangaroo Club is a real asset to Harpenden, many of our mums and dads often say how they look forward to Friday mornings where they are able to go out and. meet other people in the same situation as themselves. They can come to the hall, relax and chat knowing their children are happy and playing in a safe environment.

At the end of our sessions we have, singing time, this activity is really very popular with the use musical instruments; the children have great fun playing these whilst singing along to the various songs.

There is a simple craft activity every week!